Luton Foot Care is the new mobile Foot Health service for Luton and surrounding areas. Providing professional foot care in the comfort of your own home.

Fully qualified and Insured
Treatment at home

Full Professional Foot Care

£ 40 (starting cost / 45 minutes)
  • The treatment includes professional nail cutting and shaping, removal of hard and callused skin, enucleation and removal of corns, in-grown toenails, nail thinning and general foot care advice.

Corn Removal

£ 30 (starting cost / 30 minutes)
  • Enucleation and removal of both hard (on the bottom of the foot) and soft (between the toes). Includes dressing and paddings.

Nail Cutting

£ 30 (starting cost / 30 minutes)
  • Professional nail cutting and shaping. Includes thinning of thickened nails

Removal of Hard Skin

£ 30 (starting cost / 30 minutes)
  • Removal of callused and hard skin.

Anj Shah is a fully qualified Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) trained in the latest techniques of modern foot care including diabetic foot care.
Treatments include: Professional nail cutting, in-grown nails, removal of corns and callused hard skin.


Got a question about the treaments or would like to book a home visit, just get in touch and we would be happy to help.


If you want to visit me in a clinic enviroment then I am avalible at The Foot Clinic Dunstable on Wednesdays.
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